5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cat Hair on Clothes

Feb 9, 2023 Pets Grooming Tools

Cats are adorable animals that always invite us to hug them. Sometimes it’s the cat that tries to get our attention, by sticking its body until its fur sticks to the shirt. Check out 5 easy ways to get rid of cat hair on clothes in the following review.

Cat hair stuck to clothes is certainly not pleasing to the eye. Apart from looking shabby and dirty, especially on dark clothes, cat fur can cause allergic reactions for sufferers. As taken from the book Pet-O-Love-Gic 4: Tomtom

Cat Hair

How to Get Rid of Cat Hair on Clothes

For cat lovers, this problem is definitely not a strange thing to find. Immediately washing clothes full of cat hair will also only make the fur spread. Check out how to easily remove cat hair from clothes in the following review,

Duct Tape

The sticky surface of the duct tape can be used to pick up cat hair from clothes. It’s easy, just stick the surface of the sticky tape on the clothes that have cat hair on them.


Use a toothbrush or a clothes brush to remove cat hair from clothes. Gently rub the clothing so as not to damage the fabric to remove stubborn cat hair.

Hair Dryer

Set the Hair Dryer with the highest wind strength, but use the lowest temperature. We will only use the wind to blow cat hair on clothes, by not damaging the fabric fibers due to high temperatures.


Use the principle of rubber which, if rubbed, will generate a static electric charge, so that it will automatically be able to lift the cat’s hair easily. Examples of rubber materials that can be used are balloons and rubber gloves.


A hair removal roller is a tool that was created to clean hair and dust that sticks to clothes. Simply rub the sticky surface of the roller against the shirt to easily remove cat hair. If it’s not sticky, the paper on the roller can be refilled with a new one.

The easiest way to remove cat hair from clothes and without using tools is to wet your hands before wiping in the direction of the clothes. In this way, the cat’s fur will clump together and can be removed easily.