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A reorganisation in 1985 made important modifications in the military chain of command. The chain of command flowed directly from the ABRI commander in chief via the Chief of Staff of the Army to the ten territorial commands’ commanders, and then to subordinate military territorial commands. At the same time, the Indonesian authorities started sending their troops on UN peacekeeping missions. The first batch of soldiers have been despatched to Sinai, Egypt and were generally known as Garuda Contingent 1. Garuda Contingent I began its first deployment January 8, 1957 to Egypt. This contingent was led by Lt. Col. of Infantry Hartoyo which was later changed by Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry Suadi Suromihardjo, while his deputy was Major of Infantry Soediono Suryantoro.

Most PETA and Heiho members did not but know concerning the declaration of independence. Command constructions and membership important for a national army were consequently dismantled. Thus, rather than being shaped from a educated, armed, and organised military, the Republican armed forces started to develop in September from usually younger, less educated groups built around charismatic leaders. Creating a rational military structure that was obedient to central authority from such disorganisation, was one of many main problems of the revolution, an issue that remains via to modern times. In the self-created Indonesian military, Japanese-educated Indonesian officers prevailed over those trained by the Dutch. A thirty-year-old former college trainer, Sudirman, was elected ‘commander-in-chief’ on the first assembly of Division Commanders in Yogyakarta on 12 November 1945.

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The contingent departed on January 8, 1957 on board the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II transport aircraft of the United States Air Force for Beirut, the Lebanese capital. From Beirut the contingent was divided by two, the majority heading to Abu Suweir and partly to Al Sandhira.

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Furthermore, the El Sandhira troops moved into Gaza, the border area of Egypt and Israel, while the command is in Rafah. This contingent returned to Indonesia on September 29, 1957. Garuda Contingent I had a total number of 559 military personnel of all ranks. On 17 November 1952, General Nasution was suspended as army chief of staff following army indiscipline over command and assist that threatens the federal government. On 5 July 1959, Sukarno, with armed forces support and the recommendation of Nasution, issued a decree dissolving the Constituent Assembly and reintroducing the Constitution of 1945 with robust presidential powers. By 1963, he also assumed the additional function of Prime Minister, which completed the construction of ‘Guided Democracy’, and was named “President for Life”, also with army assistance, the year after. The period can be called the interval of liberal democracy is characterised by varied rebellions in the country.

In 1950 most of the former members of the Colonial Army launched an uprising in Bandung which is named the Legion of Ratu Adil / APRA uprising and was led by former KNIL officer Raymond Westerling. The army also wanted to confront the rebellion in Makassar led by Andi Azis and the Republic of South Maluku in Maluku. Meanwhile, DaruI Islam in West Java widened its influence to South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi and Aceh. In 1958 the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia / People’s Struggle (PRRI / Permesta) started a revolt in giant elements of Sumatra and North Sulawesi endangering the nationwide integrity. As a part of the National Armed Forces the Army helped defeat all these uprisings, rising its prestige within the eyes of the government and the folks.

Future Chief of Staff of the Army Ahmad Yani was instrumental in certainly one of these first victories against rebels in Central Java. Aware of the restrictions of the navy in the face of the Dutch aggression, the individuals and government of Indonesia had no choice however to fight international threats to the younger nation’s independence. Thus, the integrity and existence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia has been in a position to be maintained by military force with the people. In accordance with the decision of the Round Table Conference , on the finish of 1949 the United States of Indonesia got here into being. Correspondingly, the TNI’s floor forces thus fashioned a part of the Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia Serikat . It would be the merger of the TNI and the former KNIL and all navy personnel of the 2 forces, plus the unbiased paramilitary groups which fought the struggle on the facet of the independence movement. In the week following the Japanese give up of 1945, the Giyugun and Heiho teams have been disbanded by the Japanese.