Importance of bona fide wine glasses

Sep 7, 2022 General Article

Many wine connoisseurs know that the decisive fact is that a wine glass increases the exquisite taste of wine with every sip. They are relishing in every swirl made with every wine glass’  unique scent and boldness. An inimitable quote from Eduardo Galeano reads, “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine”. In essence, this intensifies the importance of a proper wine glass. There are many languages all over the world.  And all are beautiful in their description of a wine glass. Undoubtedly, one word stands out “Le Vin”. A french term for an elegant piece of a wine glass. In addition, wine glasses come in various shapes to be only used for a specific type of wine. For example, champagne, still wine, port, sherry, white or red wine. Preferred wine fridges can be optimised in their functionality and aesthetical appeal with wine glasses such as Bodega43, to name only one of many manufacturers specialising in wine fridges and glasses. Hence, this market expanded to a large extent that many outlets, for example, Tesco slim wine, started to bring forth stunning pieces of wine fridges and wine glasses. Only high-quality wine glasses and glassware are considered a significant investment by wine lovers and collectors.

The wine glass’ history

Essentially the wine glass was invented many centuries ago. It is believed that it occurred in medieval times. Hence, the introduction of a wine glass in today’s time. They consisted of a bowl, a stem and a base. Some historians believe that glassware was properly introduced in the 1400s by ancient Veniciens. At the same time, they found the source of purifying a piece of glassware. It was a sought-after product known as a “Cristallo”. In addition, the trade of wine glasses was improved throughout the 1800 and onwards. In the 1800s, a wine glass was only owned by wealthy aristocrats how the wine glass held the wine glass. The wine glasses contributed to the upper class and their reputation as wine drinkers.

Anyway, the modern-day versions of proper wine glasses add to the aesthetic appeal of the beholder but help in how the drinker’s taste and smell of the wine can be optimised. It is of utmost importance that a wine glass can release the wine’s aroma. For example, the flawless vessel for red wine comes in versions, such as standard, flute and tulip. On the other hand, it can strengthen white wine in its intense taste by either a glass called chardonnay or white glass. Swirling the content of a correct wine glass before taking the first sip can release those sought after aromas.

How to hold a wine glass?

It is also essential to hold your wine glass, especially in social settings. When having your wine glass, keep your hand on the bottom of the stem and pinch it between your forefingers and thumbs. Some might find it strange, but the proper way of grasping a wine stem needs. Overall, the stem holding technique balances temperature, control, and convenience. Henceforth, an exciting thing to keep in mind. Another addition to holding your wine glass in such a way is to avoid smudging the glass. Never have the glass bulb, as it can damper the wine’s colour. Helpful facts to take into consideration. In addition, if you hold the stem properly, you can swirl the wine inside, leading to the aroma of the wine. In conclusion, a wine glass would never be the same without a beautiful wine fridge as a centrepiece.