Important Thing After Adopt Dogs and Cats

Sep 29, 2022 How To Adopt Pets

Living with adorable and smart dogs and cats sounds like a lot of fun. The rate of return after adoption did not decrease significantly. There are still many people who return their pets after adoption, which means there are still many who don’t understand what things should not be missed when they want to start living with pets. A beloved pet can certainly be a double-edged sword that can injure itself and its owner, for example a pet that has bad behavior or has a dangerous infectious disease. The following are some things to do after adopting a dog and cat:

Dogs and Cats

1. Take Dogs and Cats to the Vet

Visiting the vet is not always because your pet is sick, because prevention is better than cure. Dogs or cats that have just been adopted should be taken to the vet to check their overall health condition, especially if they do not have a history of vaccination or have never taken deworming medicine before, because vaccinations and deworming can protect dogs, cats and owners from attacks dangerous disease. In addition, by visiting the veterinarian, the owner can also consult about what nutritional needs should be given to dogs and cats. Owners can also discuss and start planning the best time for vaccination, deworming, sterilization, feed recommendations, and a good lifestyle for dogs or cats.

2. Provide Basic Training for Dogs and Cats

It is very important for both dogs and cats to be given basic training that is useful for building self-confidence, providing mental stimulation and strengthening the bond between humans and animals. Basic training that can be done on dogs such as commands to sit, be quiet, come, and train dogs to defecate and urinate in certain places. While the basic training that can be done on cats such as coming, training cats to use a scratching pole, and training cats to defecate and urinate in certain places. The principle of training dogs and cats is to reward them when they succeed in doing something right but if they are wrong, keep doing it until they can understand and never give punishment in the form of physical violence. Training dogs and cats in the right way will overcome their bad behavior such as breaking things or being aggressive.

3. Introduce them to the environment

Dogs and cats also need to socialize with the environment. Begin to introduce dogs and cats to other animals that are similar or dissimilar to them, also introduce them to humans, such as family members, friends and neighbors. By introducing them to the environment will make them happier and more knowledgeable, besides getting acquainted with the environment will also prevent them from being timid and aggressive.