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220 Horse Muffins Ideas

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth!

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In addition to the type of hay, take note of the quantity your horse is getting. A good rule of thumb is that a mean-sized (1,000-pound) grownup horse should consume roughly 20 pounds of hay per day. If potential, feed hay flakes throughout the day instead of feeding simply two meals per day. As a general rule, hay ought to at all times be fed at a minimal of 1% of body weight when horses are kept in confinement. If a horse’s water consumption is decrease than traditional, their feed consumption may also decelerate.

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The common grownup idle horse in a mild climate will devour about 10 gallons of water every day. Horses low within the pecking order may not have adequate entry to hay, different feed merchandise and water. If you possibly can’t separate the horse from the herd for meals, try utilizing a feed bag that attaches like a halter.


A weight tape is skinny and flexible and wraps round your horse’s physique on the girth. Pull it cosy, after which learn the number where the tip meets to get an estimate of your horse’s physique weight.

A feed bag will give them time to eat their ration without getting pushed away from it. The horse’s digestive system makes forages their perfect source of vitality. Thus, you should reduce or keep away from feeding large quantities of grain if potential. Senior horse feeds compared will … Read More